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Interest in Pinterest for Education

Earlier this year, I started hearing and seeing lots of chatter on facebook and around our staffroom about Pinterest (  I decided I wanted to see what all the hype was about.  I signed up for an invite and started … Continue reading

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The Flipped Classroom.. moving towards the 21st Century?


I have come across the idea of the “Flipped Classroom” a number of times while reading for our current University of Calgary course.  It is an interesting concept that was first coined by Jonathon Bergmann and Aaron Sams.  Basically, students watch interactive teacher-created videos at home which allows them to spend time working on the problems and projects (they used to do for homework) within the classroom where they can access teacher assistance and support of their classmates.

The lectures are posted on the Internet where students can watch them as many times as they need to understand the content.   They are then able to come into the room with background knowledge, questions and ideas to pursue around a topic. Students are no longer spending class time listening to lectures then taking home assignments they don’t understand and struggling with them.  Proponents of the program say that students are more independent yet collaborative in their learning. 

This video has Aaron Sams talking about how the flipped classroom works and what it has done to improve/further this teaching and the student learning in his school.

Questions and thoughts I am pondering:

Do all students have access and time at night to be able to view the videos in order to be ready to work on the assignments in the classroom?  Will there be time for those students who have afterschool activities/jobs to view the videos during class times?

At the elementary/early middle school grades in Calgary, the time for homework is suggested, will this be enough for students to watch the entire day’s lessons in order to be ready for the work periods the following day?  As a parent of 2 very busy children, I struggle with how much time kids should be doing homework as opposed to living more balanced and active lives.  Will having them watch all of these videos contribute to a more sedentary lifestyle for a generation that already does not spend enough time getting outside or being active?  Will it allow them to have more free time since they are able to pick up the lessons at their own pace? 

In this world of multitasking, will students watching the videos at home truly be focused, or will they be switching between videos and only half focused on the lesson videos?

The flipped classroom is gaining more popularity, it will be interesting to see how it moves students into the next century where life long learning could include anytime, anywhere learning that is collaborative and networked!

Some sites to check out more information around the Flipped Classroom concept:

Jon Bergmann’s blog

Tech Smith: http://

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