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How can we support our students to “Be the Change”

This week, we have been reading about students around the globe that are learning to use social media and Web 2.0 to interact with, learn about and begin movements with others from around the world.   A project started in Costa … Continue reading

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Engaging our Learners… Looking out for the Future

Students in the 21st century require many skills for heading into the workplace.  As educators we need to support students in gaining the necessary abilities to be self driven, collaborative thinkers.  “As our students head into a fast-paced, technically-driven, innovation-demanding, … Continue reading

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BYOD  in Education…   This week in our class we have been looking at student owned devices, or more frequently termed Bring Your Own Device.  Last year, our schoolboard opened up part of our network to devices that were not … Continue reading

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How Much is Too Much?

As a society, are we spending too much time with technology?  Gary Small of UCLA did a study to assess the physiological changes taking place in the brain when people are interacting with technology.(Trends, 2011, pg. 28)  More and more … Continue reading

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Social Media..Helpful or Harmful in Relationships?

After reading our articles this week that were based on Social Networking sites and relationships, I have been reflecting on whether or not social networking and texting are added value to my relationships or not.   It’s interesting, while “e-mail, … Continue reading

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